Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's In My Mailbox - Volume 1

Since I started couponing & freebie-ing, getting the mail is a lot more exciting.  There are less & less bills and more and more exciting things in my mailbox every day. 
Like yesterday...check it out:
All the food is from the General Mills Groupon from last week.  $20 got me all of that plus $15 in coupons - score!
2 - $1.50 Camel coupons - now smoking might seem anti-frugal to me.  And it is.  Josh smokes a lot, so I have to try and save when I can.  I have 1 a night, just to "take the edge off".  It's either that or go bonkers and take prescription meds.  Pass the ciggy.
1 - Free Uncle Bens Ready Rice - great for nacho night (a weekly occurrence in our house).  Not shown is the $0.75 coupon on the back as well
1 - Free Suave Professionals Coupon

And that's what was in my mailbox!

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