Monday, May 30, 2011

Total Error In Judgement

So last night, my husband had to run an errand for work, and I asked him if he'd pick up 3 things for me from the store so we'd be ready for morning.  Bananas, coffee creamer and popcorn for our movie last night. 
He came home with: bananas, coffee creamer, popcorn, smarties, twizzlers, ice cream and 2 bottles of gatorade.  I thought for a moment my brain might explode. 

We have 10 bottles of Powerade at home that I got for 1/3 the price he paid at the store.  I have the exact same kind of ice cream that he bought, and I have it on my grocery list thanks to a good deal/coupon @ Hy Vee.  And really, does Elliott need that candy...NO!

So I just better learn my lesson and never send him to the store again.  EVER.

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