Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Waste Week Complete!

We did pretty awesome for our first try at "No Food Waste Week".  The only thing that went in the trash were 5 moldy strawberries (I forget about strawberries because I think they are disgusting) I noticed these when I bought a new pack...whoops.  Also we threw away 1/3 of a block of mozzerella cheese that was also moldy.  I won't claim any fault in this because the baggie got stuck in the fridge drawer and it was dangling at the back of the fridge out of site. 
Otherwise we haven't thrown away a single thing.  The best part is that my trash can is empty as well.  We have accumulated 1 bag of trash all week.  I can't believe it! 
This not only makes me feel like a better mother but a better inhabitat of the earth.  Yippee!!!

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