Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Food Waste Week

I was inspired by Jennifer @ Balancing Beauty & Bedlam and her post this week regarding No Food Waste Week!  I know it seems so small, but the food we throw away is truly overwhelming, not only to our landfills but also to our pocketbooks. 
And I also try to live by the "Waste Not Want Not" mantra on a daily basis down to the smallest detail.  So when this challenge came up I jumped on it.  First I started by organizing my fridge and moving everything that needed to be eaten first to the front.  If you've ever worked in a restaraunt you know FIFO (first in, first out).  Then I told my 4 year old what had to be eaten, and he was delighted that he could have more than one Danimal yogurt for dessert.  Mission accomplished!
On to leftovers.  That's what our meals or sides have been comprised of since Tuesday.  I must admit I'm tired of broccoli and cauliflower, but it was there. 
Tonight I'll be making my favorite meal of the week...BRINNER!!!  (Breakfast for dinner, duh)
That will use up the last of our bread, bacon and eggs.  And just in time too because Hy Vee is having a killer sale on bread (58 cents a loaf!).
So I challenge you...can you avoid throwing anything away this week?

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