Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LUVS Diapers Customer Service Rocks

I am so happy to have had such a positive customer service moment after my idiot encounter at Walgreens last night...  So I have to give props to LUVS Diapers! 
I sent a message to LUVS because in a package of 36 diapers, the tabs ripped off of 4.  I wasn't upset, Zoe is so wiggly now that it happens while trying to pin her down and diaper her.  But I thought maybe there was a glue issue since there were so many in the same package that broke. 
What do you know, email the very next day from a wonderful gal named Bonnie.  She asked for my receipt and for me to mail a diaper in.  Well I've used them all and thrown away the receipt, duh!  I told her I didn't have them, but she very kindly put a coupon in the mail for a Jumbo Pack of LUVS.  What a doll!

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