Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HyVee & Walgreens 5/24/11

So despite a few disappointments (no bananas at all at HyVee & no Finish Dish Detergent @ Wags) during my shopping run tonight, I made out like a bandit! 

Here's the scoop: Total, a whopping $7.63!!!  Hell to the Yeah!
HyVee had the salad & milk $0.99, the OJ for $1.99; those are the only things I paid full price for.
The pizza, cottonelle wipes & Philly cooking cream cheese were free with coupons.  (Pizza for the complaint I sent in, Cottonelle for the Get Fresh with a Friend promo and the Cream Cheese from my House Party)
I had 3 $1 coupons for the Lunchables making the 3/$5 sale a steal at a $2 total!  The Tylenol Precise Patch was free after coupons, except for a glich at the register with a total moron cashier who couldn't figure out how to reprice the coupon, so I had to buy the M & Ms to take care of the 1 cent overage. 
Also, the Powerbar came as a free sample in the mail today. 
Not too shabby for 45 minutes away from home.  Also, a big thanks to HyVee for the free balloon & free slice of cheese to keep Elliott happy while we were there. 

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