Thursday, May 5, 2011

Husband's Waste...Grrr

After my last post, I remembered I should mention my biggest waster in the house...the hubs.
This is the guy who pours a whole glass of soda, beer whatever then sets it on the counter and falls asleep on the couch.  Thanks buddy.
Well here I am on my No Waste Quest and what did I find in the trash last night?  A wastepaper basket, 2 dead plants still in their pots with river rocks and our son's toy wagon. 
The trash basket was gross, more than I was willing to tackle to put it on Craigslist for a buck.  Sometimes a girl just has to draw the line.
I was pissed about the plants though.  Those were nice pots.  However when I tried to remove the plant I realized that I really am a wussy girl at heart.  There were bugs and spider webs and just general gook and I'm not willing to go there.  Period.
And the wagon was actually broken.
As much as it kills me to see that stuff in the trash, sometimes trash is just trash and there is no way around it.

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