Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Complain and ye shall receive

So I posted about 2 weeks ago about the refund I received from Hanes for my busted brassieres. 

Well I am at it again!  There is another blog I've read that calls this "An Apple A Day".  Every day you contact a company to do one of the following: complain about a problem with their product, compliment their product or let them know you'd like to try their product. 
I've not taken the time to compliment anyone or to ask about trying it...but I do complain.  Alot.

I remember when I was a kid and my mom would get mad about something and she'd always say "I'm going to write a strongly worded letter"...It's official folks, I've become my mother. 

So 2 weekends ago we decided to have frozen pizza for dinner on Sunday.  Now this doesn't seem like a big deal to most people, but when we are all 4 home it's truly a miracle.  My husband is the executive chef for 2 great resturaunts and is working almot 80 hours a week...so let me tell you, Sunday dinners are VERY important.  But I digress...the kids ate a plain cheese pizza, no big deal.  But Josh and I got a Chicken Tomato Pesto Pizza and when I opened it I discovered it had no sauce.  NONE AT ALL!  So I took a picture, and the next day sumbitted a complaint on line.  It's been a week and I just got an email from the "Customer Satisfaction Coordinator" that 3 free pizza coupons are in the mail. 

1 work people - BOOYAH!  It didn't take me more than 10 minutes to write that complaint, and I get 3 free pizzas out of the deal.  So next time something makes you unhappy, don't be afraid to be honest.  The lady at the pizza place wouldn't know me from Adam, and if she judges me for complaining...Frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn.

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