Monday, May 30, 2011

Couponing Elation & Devestation

Can you believe that all in the same day I had a huge victory and a tear inducing defeat?  Darn it!

Well first for the good news: Victory @ CVS!!!
4 Mars Candies - $2 (Earned $1 ECB)
2 Pampers - (Earned $2 ECB) - Used 1 $1.50 and 1 $1.00 coupon
Childrens Advil - used 1 $1.00 coupon
2 Honey Nut Chex Mix - used 2 $0.55 coupons
*Also had $5 ECB to redeem and a $5 off $25 CVS coupon (for being an email subscriber)
Grand Total: $13.25 out of pocket plus $3 ECB back = $10.25

Now for the bad news: Defeat @ Super Target
So I found a good deal on some clearance Willy Wonka candies - yippee, as I stuck my coupons from my binder into my paper clip of all coupons I'd prepared to use, what did I discover?  That my damn paper clip and broken and somewhere in the store I had dropped at least $20 in coupons.  This includes a Gerber formula check for $5 that I needed for some premade formula, an excellent set of coupons to stack for Kraft cheese, BOGO for Gourmet potatoes and free deoderant.  What really pisses me off is that the formula check has MY NAME on it and you are supposed to check the persons ID to verfiy it's use.  All the same, I did pretty well, got the sundries and produce that we really needed. 
Grand Total: $59.87, but subtracting the almost $15 in socks for Josh and $8 for shoes for Zoe (Elliott's birthday present for her), that brings my actual grocery total to: $36.87.

Not too bad for a day's work.  Still...whoever you are with my coupons, "I fart in your general direction."

Total Error In Judgement

So last night, my husband had to run an errand for work, and I asked him if he'd pick up 3 things for me from the store so we'd be ready for morning.  Bananas, coffee creamer and popcorn for our movie last night. 
He came home with: bananas, coffee creamer, popcorn, smarties, twizzlers, ice cream and 2 bottles of gatorade.  I thought for a moment my brain might explode. 

We have 10 bottles of Powerade at home that I got for 1/3 the price he paid at the store.  I have the exact same kind of ice cream that he bought, and I have it on my grocery list thanks to a good deal/coupon @ Hy Vee.  And really, does Elliott need that candy...NO!

So I just better learn my lesson and never send him to the store again.  EVER.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't Go Breakin' My (Frugal) Heart

Well as much as it pains me to say it...this weekend is going to cost me an arm and a leg!   But there is a huge difference between spending money and wasting it, so I can't feel toooooo bad.

After work we are running to Old Navy, did you know that they have 30-50% off their clearance items.  Now you do!  Zoe has more clothes than you can shake a stick at, but I can always use some more duds for Elliott.  And a new shirt or dress for me wouldn't hurt...would it?  ;)
Then to Walgreens for (hopefully) some dishwashing detergent & asprin for next to nothing. 
Then to pick up Elliott's tux for the wedding he's in this weekend.  It just drives me crazy that a tux for someone 3 feet tall costs as much as one for a 7 foot tall man.  GRRRR tuxedo industry! 

WEDDING!!!!  So excited for that, getting to see these good friends of ours tie the knot is so incredibly exciting and I am thrilled that they are including Elliott in the ceremony.  Then of course there is the reception.  Ummm, I'm drinking.  DUH.  And so is my husband.  Duh. 

Sunday & Monday:
Gotta get groceries.  I'm trying to put some of my stockpiling on the back burner, because all the errand running is driving me crazy...but a deal is a deal!  But then to enjoy a little grill out on those beautiful nights will make it all worth it. 

And on a final note:  THANK YOU to all the veterans out there!  We are so grateful for your service and sacrafice!

Lovely Free Evening

A big THANK YOU to Stransky Park for their Summer Concert Series!!!

Things kicked off last night with Pangea and it was a wonderful (and free) time for the fam.  We brought the Lunchables (from my recent HyVee deal - $0.67 each!) for dinner and then had free snow cones and
popcorn for dessert. 

The music was great, and you just never know who you will run into.  Elliott ran until he couldn't run any more, and Zoe was perfectly content to just sit in her stroller and jam out. 

But the best part is truly the walk listen to my sweet boy tell me how much fun he had and say thank you means the world to me!  I can't wait for next week!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tiny Prints

Oh heavens I wish I'd knows about this site eons ago! 

It has fantastic cards that you can personalize from bulk thank you cards to a sweet fathers day card with your kiddos picture on it. 
Also, they frequently have codes available for free or discounted cards, so I've placed orders for 2 in the last two days and have paid a whopping $1.07 for both greeting cards to be sent to me.  You can also have them sent straight to your recepient if you choose. 

Use the link below to go straight to their website and check it out.  Also, if I refer enough peeps I get a $15 credit; wha-bam!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Big Adventure

For those of you that don't know me all that well, here's the run down:  Right now I'm working full time at a small but busy outpatient surgical center.  I LOVE what I do and the friends I've made.  I also have two beautiful kids, Elliott is 4 1/2 and Zoe will be a year next week.  My husband is an executive chef and two fantastic local resteraunts, and is currently working an average of 80 hours a week.  Needless to say, most days the inmates run the asylum around here! 

Well my rock hard shell has finally been cracked and I've decided that it's high time that I spend more time with my family.  Josh's hours are anything if long and inflexible, so it's up to me to adjust, and that's just what I'm doing. 

Next week is the last week I'll be working full time for (hopefully) the next two years.  I plan on working part time for the following 2 months, and then just before Elliott starts Pre-K, I'll be done working.  I have NEVER been unemployed since I was 14 years old, and the prospect is both incredibly exciting and terrifying.

So now it's really time to put the frugal pedal to the metal so to speak.  Granted we'll save a ton on child care, not having an income of my own will be weird to say the least.  Be prepared readers, for the exploits that will insue to save this family a buck, or even a dime!  And trying my "side hustle" as one of my favorite bloggers puts it.  I know there are ways to make a little cash on the side, now it's time to give it a shot.  Enjoy the madness!!!  BUHUHUWHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Big Deal

I am a Big Deal - No.2 (11x14 print)

I found this on Panda Creations and I love it!!!  Oh to be crafty like that!

LUVS Diapers Customer Service Rocks

I am so happy to have had such a positive customer service moment after my idiot encounter at Walgreens last night...  So I have to give props to LUVS Diapers! 
I sent a message to LUVS because in a package of 36 diapers, the tabs ripped off of 4.  I wasn't upset, Zoe is so wiggly now that it happens while trying to pin her down and diaper her.  But I thought maybe there was a glue issue since there were so many in the same package that broke. 
What do you know, email the very next day from a wonderful gal named Bonnie.  She asked for my receipt and for me to mail a diaper in.  Well I've used them all and thrown away the receipt, duh!  I told her I didn't have them, but she very kindly put a coupon in the mail for a Jumbo Pack of LUVS.  What a doll!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HyVee & Walgreens 5/24/11

So despite a few disappointments (no bananas at all at HyVee & no Finish Dish Detergent @ Wags) during my shopping run tonight, I made out like a bandit! 

Here's the scoop: Total, a whopping $7.63!!!  Hell to the Yeah!
HyVee had the salad & milk $0.99, the OJ for $1.99; those are the only things I paid full price for.
The pizza, cottonelle wipes & Philly cooking cream cheese were free with coupons.  (Pizza for the complaint I sent in, Cottonelle for the Get Fresh with a Friend promo and the Cream Cheese from my House Party)
I had 3 $1 coupons for the Lunchables making the 3/$5 sale a steal at a $2 total!  The Tylenol Precise Patch was free after coupons, except for a glich at the register with a total moron cashier who couldn't figure out how to reprice the coupon, so I had to buy the M & Ms to take care of the 1 cent overage. 
Also, the Powerbar came as a free sample in the mail today. 
Not too shabby for 45 minutes away from home.  Also, a big thanks to HyVee for the free balloon & free slice of cheese to keep Elliott happy while we were there. 


Sorry I've been MIA lately, but trust me, I have a wealth of frugality to lay on you later today!

On a side note...I love blogs, I could read them all day!  But it makes you wonder, how much money do these women spend refurbishing junk?  How many side tables does one house need?  I freak out about having 5 cans of paint in our basement, I can't imagine if I tried having a "craft space".  That sh^t costs a fortune! 

Anyhoo.  I hit Walgreens twice this weekend and Sunmart & The Village Market once this weekend.  I think it's going to work to my advantage to have a set store for each day of the week. 

Some serious deals to be had at Walgreens though, I'm super stoked about free hair ties, free razors and $1 hot dogs...booyah!

And I FLAT OUT REFUSE to buy chips any more unless it's a hell of a deal.  So when Sunmart had $1.50 Doritos on their magnet mailer, we were so happy.  Elliott and I could have had chips for dinner!

And I braved the 13th & Arapahoe Village Market for only the 3rd time in my life.  You know folks, double coupons just ain't worth it.  I find all 3 stores that double coupons here in Lincoln to be unclean, clausterphobic and overpriced.  I asked to be put on the mailing list for their weekly sales so I don't have to come in unless it's for a killer deal.  Unfortunatley on Sunday only it was one such occasion.  $0.59/lb for Braeburn Apples!!!  Thats almost a third the price everywhere else in town.  Yippee!!!

I'm headed to HyVee tonight, since it's the last day of their Red Hot Sale for the week, and I'll report on my deals and steals later!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CVS Trip 5/17/11

So last night I went to CVS, and I feel like I did pretty well...
1 92 count box of Huggies Diapers
1 Refill bag of Huggies Wipes
2 Bottles of Marvel Vitamins
2 Sticks of Sure Deoderant
1 Tub of Enfamil

OOP Total: $40.42 plus $5 ECB back
I feel like that's pretty awesome with you take into account how freakin' expensive baby stuff is.  Stupid babies ;)

I used the following coupons:
$3.50/1 diaper coupon
$0.50/1 wipes coupon
2 - $1.00/1 vitamins coupon **these were BOGO and she still let me use 2 coupons hmmmm**
$1.00/1 Sure coupon
$5.00/1 Enfamil Coupon
$3/$10 Healthcare Purchase CVS coupon (vitamins)
$3 ECB
That's $18 in coupons plus the $5 ECB earned...
I'm doing the happy dance!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Complain and ye shall receive

So I posted about 2 weeks ago about the refund I received from Hanes for my busted brassieres. 

Well I am at it again!  There is another blog I've read that calls this "An Apple A Day".  Every day you contact a company to do one of the following: complain about a problem with their product, compliment their product or let them know you'd like to try their product. 
I've not taken the time to compliment anyone or to ask about trying it...but I do complain.  Alot.

I remember when I was a kid and my mom would get mad about something and she'd always say "I'm going to write a strongly worded letter"...It's official folks, I've become my mother. 

So 2 weekends ago we decided to have frozen pizza for dinner on Sunday.  Now this doesn't seem like a big deal to most people, but when we are all 4 home it's truly a miracle.  My husband is the executive chef for 2 great resturaunts and is working almot 80 hours a let me tell you, Sunday dinners are VERY important.  But I digress...the kids ate a plain cheese pizza, no big deal.  But Josh and I got a Chicken Tomato Pesto Pizza and when I opened it I discovered it had no sauce.  NONE AT ALL!  So I took a picture, and the next day sumbitted a complaint on line.  It's been a week and I just got an email from the "Customer Satisfaction Coordinator" that 3 free pizza coupons are in the mail. 

1 work people - BOOYAH!  It didn't take me more than 10 minutes to write that complaint, and I get 3 free pizzas out of the deal.  So next time something makes you unhappy, don't be afraid to be honest.  The lady at the pizza place wouldn't know me from Adam, and if she judges me for complaining...Frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Shame

Just sent a message to my neighbors and friends asking to pass along their Sunday paper coupons if they aren't using them.  Less than 30% of the coupons printed are really they should go to someone who will use them right?  Right!

No Waste Week Complete!

We did pretty awesome for our first try at "No Food Waste Week".  The only thing that went in the trash were 5 moldy strawberries (I forget about strawberries because I think they are disgusting) I noticed these when I bought a new pack...whoops.  Also we threw away 1/3 of a block of mozzerella cheese that was also moldy.  I won't claim any fault in this because the baggie got stuck in the fridge drawer and it was dangling at the back of the fridge out of site. 
Otherwise we haven't thrown away a single thing.  The best part is that my trash can is empty as well.  We have accumulated 1 bag of trash all week.  I can't believe it! 
This not only makes me feel like a better mother but a better inhabitat of the earth.  Yippee!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Parenting Fail/Victory

So last night we hit up both Super Target & HyVee (tons of fun with a 4 year old and an 11 month old, let me tell you).  They did not blow my budget, as a matter of fact I was $25 shy of my $100 a week goal. 

Anyhoo, I was afraid I wouldn't have time to make dinner and I told Elliott he could have a Happy Meal if he was good at Target.  Needless to say he was not.  AT ALL.

We usually get thru the store without a lot of trouble, but it's the check out lane where I require a size XS straight jacket and ball gag.  But I'm pretty sure someone would butt in and call CPS.

So here I am trying to check out, make sure all my clearance crap rings up at the right price and that all my coupons go thru.  And where is my son?  Hanging off the rails ouside the Pizza Hut stand and talking to everyone in sight.  Then when I finally get him over to my lane he proceeds to grab the thing-a-ma-bob that removes the electronic sensors from clothes & games, and walks about 10 feet away from the check stand with it...and lets go.  That thing went flying thru the air and whapped the next customers cart with brute force. 

Happy Meal Lost.

Elliott cried from the moment we walked out the store and I told him he wouldn't get the prized boxed meal until we had been home for 20 minutes and he passed out. 
But that's not the best part.  McDonalds is on our way home.  So I pulled into the parking lot and told him "Too Bad, So Sad, Happy Meal you wish you had.  Now wave to those golden arches and tell them you're sorry you can't eat dinner here because you didn't listen to your mother at the store!"

OMG I'm mean sometimes.  But while we were eating our homemade dinner he looked right at me and said "Sorry mama, this is way better than McDonalds"


Groceries Galore!!!

Okay peeps, sorry for not taking pictures of my spectacular haul, but here's a few of the deets:
Between HyVee & Super Target I spent $70:
HyVee had gallons of milk on sale for $1.99 and I had $0.55 coupons - Booyah, 2 gallons straight to the deep freeze
4lbs of hamburger
3 1/2 lbs of chicken breast
hair dye (free)
4 bags of shredded cheese
9 rolls of toilet paper
Plus I nabbed some clearance deals at target:
Land O'Lakes margarine (kids will not know the diff!) 4 sticks for $0.75
Yoplait Splitz and Yoplait Gogurt on Clearance plus $1/2 coupon
3 frozen sirloin petit filets for $2.46

Oh I wish I'd taken pictures, it was glorious to behold ;)
But Elliott was having a meltdown about not getting a happy meal, so I was just a tad flustered. 

Also, my deep freeze is almost full now and I set up my first "stockpile shelf" in the office. 
Feels so good!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's In My Mailbox - Volume 2

Super goodies in the mailbox yesterday!!!
At long last my free John Freida hair color coupon came - spring color is much needed!!!
Pampers coupons - Booyah!
Hy-Vee Sale Ad - Yes, I'm a total nerd, but I love plotting out my next visit and round of awesome deals.  Plus there was a coupon for 10% off if you purchase from 2 store departments.  This is intended for graduation parties, but I will use it for Zoe's birthday party goodies.  10% off on cake and balloons...yes please! 

No Waste Wednesday

Well I am proud to say that we have not thown away a SINGLE THING this week!  Even the frozen pizza that we discovered had no sauce on it! 

My brother came over for dinner last night and helped us finish off the leftover nacho mix. 

The kids are eating left over sloppy joes and macaroni for lunch today and my lunch consisted of 1 slice of cheese pizza, leftover pita chips, hummus that no one at home wanted and the last of a bag of carrots. 

While I'm still musing on what to make for dinner tonight I will note that we got a great deal on some clearanced frozen items @ Sunmart this week, so those may be on the menu tonight, like it or not!

Rambling Regarding Weddings

Just a thought...if the bride and groom get divorced within the first year of marriage they should be required to refund the bridal party for their dresses/tuxedos etc...
I am so glad I'm past my "bridal party prime"! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lunchtime Splurge

Damn you Picklemans, you evil temptress!

I know better...I've been harping on the fam all weekend long about watching what we spend, and here I go and buy a $7 salad.  But in my defense, I did split it with a friend.  Still, I can buy a whole BAG of salad for that price and eat for probably 4 days. 

Stupid, yes.  Tasty, you bet your pickle!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheap Entertainment

If you think I'm about to talk about how to go on a dinner & a movie date on the cheap, think again.  That is the one splurge for my husband and I...he is a chef and might I say a little picky.  When we go out to dinner it is such a rare treat that we really go to town and always plan on spending $100 on dinner.  Plus we are damn good tippers; when you've worked in food service you know (ahem, cheapskates out there), that servers make $2.13 an hour and LIVE off of tips - pay them well!!!

Back to my original entertainment.  If you have children, you know that they can be their happiest when playing with anything that's not a toy ie: cookie cutters, the box the toy came in etc...

With Elliott though, his greatest entertainment is being wild.  Yes, I admit it, I let that kid run himself ragged being the crazy 4 year old that he is.  Last night, fresh out of the tub and butt naked, he ran from one end of the house to the other hollering "Watch how fast I can run"!!! This went on for, I kid you not, 40 minutes!  While I do admit this was cuter going than coming, it was hilarious all the same.  He makes me laugh and gets a good belly laugh from the baby as well. 

And that's (as they say), entertainment!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Thought On Mothers Day

10 years.  Say it out loud people, 10 years.
It has been 10 long year, a third of my time on this Earth, that I have been without my mother.  10 years since I gave her a beautiful vase & card and told her "Happy Mothers Day" knowing it would be the last time I would say it to her.  10 years since I layed on the bed next to her knowing I would never again feel that safe and loved.  I miss my mom with all of my heart every single day.  There is not a momentous occasion or mundane moment that I don't think about her and wish she was here.
My mom made me smile, and laugh and was my very best friend in the world.  I had a relationship with her that my friends were envious of; and now...I envy them.
Since she died I have always been angry when Mothers Day rolled around.  I cried and got pissed off at the jewelry store commercials and couldnt even fathom going into a Hallmark.
It took me until last night to realize this; but in the 10 years that I have passed, I have gained mothers in my life:
I got married and gained an amazing mother in law in Deb Nightengale.  My sister in law Candace Hansen is a great mom to her 3 kiddos.  Grandma Elaine is always there if you need her and adores her grandkids.
And Grandma Nightengale...what can I say?  There is not a more kind or loving soul on the planet.  She has made me feel welcome and given me a sense of family I never thought possible.
My Aunts In Law are amazing as well and can make me laugh and love and I am so lucky to have them.  Carol Crawford, Roxie Nightengale, Sharon Nightengale & Bonnie Rasmussen, you are the best!

And Adrian Thomas, you are like another sister to me and a mother I can truly relate to, I love you!
Shortly after my mom passed, a beautiful light came into our lives and Jackson Sparks was born. My cousin Amy Sparks is one of the most devoted mothers I have ever known and has been a shoulder for me to cry on and a friend to comisserate with.  Her mother, my Aunt Martha Kimball has stepped into my life through these last 10 years and I NEVER want to let her go.  She supports, loves and understands me in a way only a mother could but is still a friend and confidant.  Bitsy Walker, you are one of the funniest people I know and your take on kids and parenthood is a breath of fresh air.  And Rose Walker, you are so sweet and I am so fortunate to have you in my corner.
So while I no longer have my own mother to lean on and love...I have gained all of these women with the title of "Mother" in my life and I am the luckiest girl to have them.
But this year more than any other, I have realized what Mothers Day is truly about.  We moms get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  In school programs, making dinner, giving baths and running errands that it is easy to stop and remember what we love so much about being a mom.
Elliott Jay and Zoe Monroe are without a doubt the light of my life.  Their smiles warm my heart on the saddest of days and their hugs make all the wrongs in the world disappear.  I finally understand that Mothers Day is taking the time to realize how lucky we are to be moms.  Not to get flowers or cards or be told how much we are loved.  But to know that you brought these amazing people into the world and they will love you for the rest of your life and beyond.
As I carry the torch of love for my mother, so too will Elliott & Zoe carry that torch for me.  I could't be happier than to know that they love me despite my short comings, temper and craziness.
And THAT is what Mothers Day is to me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

There is no such thing as free lunch

Whoever said that is an idiot.  Free lunch @ work today!!!
My tummy is rumbling but I refuse to eat ANYTHING because I know the free stuff is on it's way - Heck Yes! 

OMFG, my fortune came true!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project Complete!

Print out: Free
Mod Podge $2.23 (40% off coupon from Recycle Bank)
Clipboards $1 @ Target

One kick ass & cheap Teacher Appreciation Gift!

Free Bras & Zit Free (WHAT?)

So today in my mailbox I had 2 lovely things...
1 - Free sample of ZapZyt, always good to have on hand
2 - A $25.98 check from Hanes.  Why you may ask, because I decided it was OK to complain when my bras literally fell apart ater 9 months.  And guess what, they sent me a full refund. 

Now I promised my friends that if I got the free bras I'd wear them on the outside of my clothing...
I haven't purchased them yet, but trust me, the pic is coming!!!

Who's Down With OCD - Yeah You Know Me

So I'm trying to get this blog looking semi-professional (for the 2 people that look at it), and my crazy self. 
And when setting up my Labels it asks me if I want them displayed by "Frequency" or "Alphabetized". 
Hello Blogger, my name is Kelyn and I'm neurotic.  Of course I want the flippin' thing alphabetized. 

CVS Deal 5/4/11

Super pumped about my trip to CVS yesterday.  I'm giving the Extra Care Bucks a whirl, and I LOVE IT!!!

So here's my haul:
2 - 20 count Cascade Action Packs
1 - 10oz bottle of Dawn
1 - tub Swiffer Wet pads

Coupons: $1 Cascade
$0.50 Cascade
$0.50 Dawn
$1.00 Swiffer
$0.50 ECB

Earned $3 ECB
Out of Pocket $10.28; after ECB $7.28
Not to shabby for my first time ;)

What's In My Mailbox - Volume 1

Since I started couponing & freebie-ing, getting the mail is a lot more exciting.  There are less & less bills and more and more exciting things in my mailbox every day. 
Like yesterday...check it out:
All the food is from the General Mills Groupon from last week.  $20 got me all of that plus $15 in coupons - score!
2 - $1.50 Camel coupons - now smoking might seem anti-frugal to me.  And it is.  Josh smokes a lot, so I have to try and save when I can.  I have 1 a night, just to "take the edge off".  It's either that or go bonkers and take prescription meds.  Pass the ciggy.
1 - Free Uncle Bens Ready Rice - great for nacho night (a weekly occurrence in our house).  Not shown is the $0.75 coupon on the back as well
1 - Free Suave Professionals Coupon

And that's what was in my mailbox!

Husband's Waste...Grrr

After my last post, I remembered I should mention my biggest waster in the house...the hubs.
This is the guy who pours a whole glass of soda, beer whatever then sets it on the counter and falls asleep on the couch.  Thanks buddy.
Well here I am on my No Waste Quest and what did I find in the trash last night?  A wastepaper basket, 2 dead plants still in their pots with river rocks and our son's toy wagon. 
The trash basket was gross, more than I was willing to tackle to put it on Craigslist for a buck.  Sometimes a girl just has to draw the line.
I was pissed about the plants though.  Those were nice pots.  However when I tried to remove the plant I realized that I really am a wussy girl at heart.  There were bugs and spider webs and just general gook and I'm not willing to go there.  Period.
And the wagon was actually broken.
As much as it kills me to see that stuff in the trash, sometimes trash is just trash and there is no way around it.

No Food Waste Week

I was inspired by Jennifer @ Balancing Beauty & Bedlam and her post this week regarding No Food Waste Week!  I know it seems so small, but the food we throw away is truly overwhelming, not only to our landfills but also to our pocketbooks. 
And I also try to live by the "Waste Not Want Not" mantra on a daily basis down to the smallest detail.  So when this challenge came up I jumped on it.  First I started by organizing my fridge and moving everything that needed to be eaten first to the front.  If you've ever worked in a restaraunt you know FIFO (first in, first out).  Then I told my 4 year old what had to be eaten, and he was delighted that he could have more than one Danimal yogurt for dessert.  Mission accomplished!
On to leftovers.  That's what our meals or sides have been comprised of since Tuesday.  I must admit I'm tired of broccoli and cauliflower, but it was there. 
Tonight I'll be making my favorite meal of the week...BRINNER!!!  (Breakfast for dinner, duh)
That will use up the last of our bread, bacon and eggs.  And just in time too because Hy Vee is having a killer sale on bread (58 cents a loaf!).
So I challenge you...can you avoid throwing anything away this week?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

Well it's that time again...when I don't know what gift to give to the teachers that have helped shape and teach my darling boy 3 days a week.  And then I found some awesome "subway art" (whatev), and decided it's high time I get on my crafty horse and make something.  Then after stopping at 5 stores with two kids in tow I FINALLY found some clipboards.  I would totally have settled for the oldfashiond wooden kind, but lo and behold, the glory of the Target Dollar Section!!!  Found some beauties and now I'm ready to decoupage the art onto the back and make one awesome gift for each teacher. 

3 words for you guys...Pray For Me

Pictures to be posted later.  Or tomorrow.  Or Friday, whenever they are actually finished!

Slow Down

Just was breezing through another blog and saw a post for Albertsons Sales
However I'm a spaz and read Abortion Sales
Now I'm all for a good deal, but I might not ADVERTIZE that one ;)

The Big ONE

It occured to me today that I might need to consider planning Zoe's 1st birthday party since she turns "THE BIG ONE" in 1 month and 5 days.  (How did that happen so quickly?!?)

My frugal tip of the day: Don't buy a ton of crap.  Simple as that. 
I don't know about you, but I get irritated when we attend a birthday party and Elliott leaves with a bag full of dangerous plastic junk from the dollar store.  Not worth it.  I'm pretty sure my family and friends will love us, even without that thoughtful parting gift.
Also, shop on line.  Party America is the worlds biggest rip off - $5 for napkins my left foot. 
I ordered these darling plates for cake, a balloon and invitations for a total of $17.  All the other decorations I'll get at the dollar store: colored napkins, balloon bouquet, cups etc...  And with the cake included I'll probably spend less thatn $50. 
Throw in the Kohls gifts I got this morning for $5 and the free hostess gift from when I (briefly) sold Discovery Toys, and you've got one awesome - and frugal - first birthday for the sweetest girl I know.

Killer Deal @ Kohls!

Just got this excellent deal to use for Zoe's upcoming 1st birthday (tear)...

Can't beat that...
Thanks Hip2Save for always the best promos!!!

Kohl’s Care Book & Plush Set Only $2.50 Shipped

This deal was hand-posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 at 9:42 am.

Currently, is offering up a great deal on these adorable Kohl’s Cares childrens book and plush collection sets! They are priced at just $2.50 – down from $5! Even sweeter, you can score FREE shipping by using coupon code SHIP4FREE during checkout!

*Note: These Kohl’s Care items do NOT qualify for any other promo codes. However, if you find additional items to purchase (other than the Kohl’s Care items), you can use coupon code SPRING15 to save an additional 15%.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pampers Points

Trying to rack up my pampers points for an awesome xmas gift for one of the turds...
Free 5 point code today - woot woot!


Just ate the most wonderful muffin  (ooh that sounds perverse doesn't it)
Spice Cake Mix
1 Can Pumpkin - instead of Water
Yummo!  And it's Weight Watchers approved...hmmm, now I'll have to look for a cake coupon!

You better have a coupon for that

I have officially become one of those people that says: "I don't have a coupon for that...sorry"

I never thought I would get an adrenaline rush getting the Sunday paper and pulling my scissors out.  I swear there are even times I could break into a cold sweat going thru the new online coupons.

Mock me if you will, that's fine.  Suckas.  On average I'm saving $50 a week by couponing...thats approximately $200 a month, you really can't beat that!
I'm totally of this new outlet for my neurosis.  It's infinetly more awesome than scrapbooking and the perfect way to put my OCD to use!

I have some prep to do, but later this week I'll post pictures of my Coupon Binder so you can see how my "process" works.  Maybe get some ideas for yourself...or at least a good laugh; who knows?
I'm nothing like the Extreme Couponers you see on TLC, I still spend a shit-load on groceries, but I'm learning how to spend smarter, how to stockpile and how to freezer cook.
Hopefully I'm organized enough to share this all as I go...we shall see.

And so it begins...

I read a lot of blogs and always feel like there is something that I could share.  I'm not planning on being an intesive blogger with tons of helpful links or parties or any of that (honestly I haven't the time or the tech savy for that!). 
But this is just a fun place for me to "get my crazy out".
To share my personal victories:
- shopping triumphs
- feats of organization
- hilarious moments with my kids

More than that though, this will be a place to give and recieve advice about anything under the sun, we all have our good days and bad days and it makes us better people to share them all.

And so it begins...